Selective Licensing

I cannot see how this will do anything to prevent fly tipping or anti social behaviour. There is adequate legislation to tackle these problems, the council chooses not to do anything about them. If rogue landlords do this, the evidence from other areas eg Liverpool, Peterborough, is that they will continue to do so and won't pay the license fee either. If the council cant and dont do anything about fly tipping and anti social behaviour,other than blame landlords then why are they going to be better at catching unlicensed landlords. Responsible landlords will comply or give up, but the cost will be passed on to tenants, so rents will go up and rented accommodation will be even more scarce, as is the case in Peterborough where the council are having to house people in B&Bs because of the lack of rented housing. This is just another ill considered attempt to raise money, that will ultimately do the opposite long term.

Selective Licensing

The Council presumes that the Housing Association tenants do not create litter, fly tipping or anti-social behavior etc.only the private rented tenants. The admit that the licensing of HMO's is NOT working even though they have had ten years to enforce it on just handful of properties and yet they think they can police 2000 properties and somehow magically make things better by making the Landlords pay their wages. What nonsense, they have little regard for the problems this is likely to cause the good tenants in these areas like being black spotted as an area of high concern which will effect their ability to have credit and so on. In other areas the value of property in the licensed zones has dropped by 26.6% within a year of the license being introduced. This will leave properties empty and create the very environment that Council 'says' exists at present. They should go and see the great little communities created by many of these private tenants, it is a credit to them. The Council calls these areas 'low demand' it's funny that there are always loads of people wanting to move into these areas because of the excellent Schools, Academies and local jobs. Low demand my eye, the Council will create low demand if left to have their way.

Licensing of private landlords

What evidence has the council that fly tipping can be attributed to private landlords. This evidence should be published so the public can judge if the proposals are fair.Is The Wrekin Housing Trust also being licensed or are they "good landlords" in the Councils view. If that is the case what about "good private landlords" Seems like discrimination and unfairness to us.

Stigmatisation through Selective Licensing

At one stroke both properties and their occupants in those four areas will be stigmatised if such an ill considered scheme is introduced. (For good measure, so as to ensure maximum property depreciation, T&WC could also erect warning signage). Why I wonder have both the council & the police jointly failed to control anti social behaviour and fly tipping if it is so prevalent? Why do they now expect landlords to deal with what remains their statutory duty to sort?

Landlords view

As with the other landlord who has put on a response. I also have been a landlord for a number of years in one of the areas stated. I too ensure that my property's are let to a high standard, all credit checks and safety checks are completed. We too though have had issues with tenants of adjoining properties but when a complaint has been made have been advised there is nothing that can be done. I am all for a voluntary registration of all landlords in the council's area but this proposal is ear-marking certain areas and penalising those who provide good levels of social housing where it is needed. I have seen fly tipping all around Telford, am I wrong in thinking that most fly tipping is carried out away from their own doorstep?If this is something that the council want to take forward and charge such sums for then there becomes a responsibility on the council to ensure that the funds raised are seen to be used effectively and only in the areas paying the premium.For me, and most likely many other landlords, this 'premium tax' will be passed on to the tenants in rent increases - sorry but true.

A residents view

I am an owner-occupier in one of the areas listed. I actually think this is a very good idea as a number of properties surrounding my own are owned by private landlords who do zero maintenance/repairs and rent them out to just about anyone who pays! Sub standard living means for a high turnover of tenants and a high turnover of tenants means old furniture and litter are regularly dumped on the surrounding greens as both poor tenants and landlords try to avoid the costs of proper disposal. There are even a number of homes that were brought in bulk by private landlords a number of years ago and have now been left empty as they fall into such a state of disrepair that they are pretty much uninhabitable. This only stands to drive an area down further.I understand that to an honest, decent private landlord that this will be an extra expense of £122 per year but to actual residents living next to sub-standard, neglected, privately-owned rented homes this will seem a small price to make rogue landlords actually more accountable and hold a greater responsibility as to managing the homes they rent out.

Landlords license

I have been a landlord for over 20 years and never had a problem with my tenants as I make sure that my houses are kept in a good state of repair and that all the checks are done on new tenants. I have however had problems with council and housing assosiation properties next to mine as they are not well maintained eg broken boundary fences and unwanted furniture thrown in the garden or left by the back doors. When I complain I am told that it is not the associations problem and that their tenant have to pay for the repairs which they seem unwilling to do as they are on benefits and have little money.My tenants have also had problems with anti social behaviour and drug dealing. It is unfair to target private landlords in this way just to raise extra revenue for the council which is all this exercise is.

Landlord license

We own a property and rent to our daughter with a view to her buying it when she can afford it - this will penalise us and potentially mean she pays more before she can afford to buy it, which is part of the overall affordability of mortgages/property.

Creating strong, healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods

As a landlord in one of the areas and with 'good' tenants as opposed to the 'bad' ones the council is against. Why are we all being tarred with the same brush. What evidence is there it is only tenants causing a nuisance? What action will be taken against home owners who do not comply and are anti-Social how will they be dealt with and charged? How is the licence money going to be used to reduce this perceived tenant behaviour?