It is ok for those in Newport not to want other kids to mess up their children lives because the change will increase the potential for their children what ever their level to get into Newport High and Adam's Grammar. What about other bright children from other area? Is the council ready to increase the selection process for teachers, since we know that it is not just children's capability to learn but also teachers capability to teach. Telford is in the middle of the town, but yet children from Lawley village who live less than a mile away cannot easily access these school because of the competitive selection of children since the catchment area is an extensive one. whoever is making this change knows that it is wrong because the small population of Newport with the 2 best school in the whole Telford, makes it unlikely for other children to have a chance.

Catchment area changes

How can TPS OFSTED performance be improved when it has not had an OFSTED inspection. The last time this was done was for the 2 schools that were mashed together to form TPS and those inspections showed concerns that the scrapers poor. Why should my child's education be affected by the council's social experiments.

School catchments

I believe that if the quality of the Telford priory school was as good as some of the other secondary schools in the area, the issue of the catchment area changes would not be such a sore point.


I don't agree with the fact the council haven't held their hands up and said that TPS isnt where it needs to be and given us an action plan as to how they will improve things there - we are just expected to accept and hope that things will change before our children go thereAlso the route our children are expected to walk is too long too busy and too noisy! Are Newport primary schools going to only allow Newport children in also?

Catchment changes

I am disgusted by the way parents have been ignored throughout this consultation, there is no good reason why a shared catchment wouldn't work for Muxton, how can you justify moving children into a underperforming school and do absolutely nothing about raising standards first! These children will suffer because of this councils lack of compassion, care or basic ability to plan properly. You should have listened to us, a whole community is feeling disenfranchised and disillusioned here, yet you make no attempt to even have an open dialogue to find out what our concerns are, your arrogance is astounding!

Proposed change of catchment for Muxton children.

‪What happened to democracy? The vast majority of Muxton residents that completed the online consultation did not agree with the change of catchment for Muxton children. Muxton residents should not have to bear the brunt of poor planning. Excessive house building without forward thinking to ensure there are enough school places and doctor surgeries should not leave Muxton residents suffering the consequences. Our children's future, safety and education matter. We have to speak up for them.

School Catchments

Newport town has grown & continues to grow in population, with the new housing estates attracting families. Burton Borough School is already full to capacity and has no sixth form facility for it's current pupils. I agree that the boundary catchment should be reviewed and priority given to children from the Newport area.