Women and children's unit

Totally ridiculous and disgusting waste of money to consider closing this unit.

closure of parts of telford hospital

Why has our health service, local hospital got into such a mess.. Money needs to be invested into the caring, training and equipment. Like society today - here today gone tomorrow, what's happened to responsibility.of looking after what we have got. Thousands spent a couple of years ago, now wanting to close. Listen to the people who work in our hospitals and local people who use these facilities, which is all of us over the space of our life time. New town, more people its a disaster waiting to happen putting pressure on rest of local hospitals.

PRH Womens and Childrens Centre

What a ludicrous waste of money after 2 years worth of use. Just plain waste of taxpayers money. We need the service in this area. With so many new houses being built and young families moving into existing properties, where are they supposed to go when a new baby is about to be born. This is an opportunity to continue to make this area GREAT. To be PROUD to be part of Telford and not for new mothers to have to worry about this facility closing and having to go miles to give birth. NO NO NO the Centre should be saved along with the Telford Hospital. The population in this area is still growing and will do for some time. Added to this parts of Telford and District have an older population and they need to know that their grandchildren are going to be looked after. I hope that we will be able to keep the existing facilities even if some small changes have to be made. I do understand how difficult it must be having to make such a challenging set of decisions but why build it in the first place if the finances were not up to scratch.

Princess Royal Hospital/ future fit

I feel that this Government needs to change it's attitude regarding the NHS and Social Services, it is deplorable the way they blame the elderly all the time for the state they are in. Everyone knows this is mainly due to their cuts and underfunding. I don't know how much longer people can take this. Are you organising transport to suport the NHS protest day in London in March?

Women and Children's Unit

Stop this insanity now, this unit MUST stay.

Women's centre

I received wonderful service at the women's centre and it would be a shame to close such a place. There is a need for it