Fly tipping

Someone obviously having a new drive laid - bona fide companies would not do such a dispicable thing.

Eight tonne fly tip blocks road

it's pretty obvious that the perpetrator will ignore any comments from council, police or even the victim who hit the pile , which in fairness they really should have seen.I suspect that the material was removed from a job, probably a domestic one, with a promise that it would be disposed of correctly so perhaps of somebody has a suspicion that it was theirs and they know who dumped it. Maybe they'll feel responsible enough to come forward and let the council know.

Fly Tipping

The fly tip in Tibberton beggers belief. This criminal who clearly deliberately tipped this commercial load must be caught. Anyone with information should come forward at once.Fly tipping is a hazardous unsightly nuisance to be discouraged but this act was one which endangered life and limb and the perpetrator(s) must be brought to justice