bed blocking is a real problem in hospitals and cost £92000 PA for each bed. The cost of a place in a care home is £36000 PA. It makes sense to build care homes in the hospital grounds or nearby. This will save money and free up beds and create jobs.

A&E Closures

Any action that is going to reduce A&E Care, and increase journey/travel time must be rejected. Either action will impact on hundreds of thousands of people currently covered by the existing care. The population of Telford particularly, is a generally young one and, increasing by the day, with the probability of a greater increase in the birth rate because of that demographic. Shrewsbury A&E caters for a large mid-Wales area, whom for many it is already a long trip to A&E. Closing either A&E Unit is not justifiable to the electorates.

NHS Madness

People here in Telford WAITED a LONG time for a hospital ,Gov spent loads of money ,Tell me WHY should Telford be the POOR relation in this all the timeI depend on PRH to keep me going they are Brilliant