Make of Committee considering hospitals reconfiguration

Thanks for the question about the make-up of the committee. None of the committees involved are council committees but are organised by the NHS. The two CCG boards who are deadlocked on the decision represent both Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin - each had 6 members at this meeting. Details of the Telford & Wrekin CCG board are here and Shropshire CCG's here

Strategy for halting these cuts

Trouble is you have determinedly stuck with a position that doesn't offend your partners in your #PRH4me campaign. This has meant that you have contributed to the Shrewsbury V Telford demeaning squable over health resources. When T&W Council argue that Future Fit have the financial calculations skewed i.e. It would be cheaper to site the A&E in Telford you are conceding a falsehood that the rationale of Future Fit is to provide the best service and that to do so means that The RSH should lose out. The NHS is not a business it is a public service!


How many people are on the committee and how many come from telford and how many come from shrewsbury wales