Councillor Angela McClements: “I would like to thank everyone affected for their patience and understanding"I'm sorry to advise you that your view of the world is very wrong - residents' patience and understanding expired a very long time ago. Everyone I know is totally fed up with roadworks around Telford. Rolling out this glib comment time after time does little to help. The Limekiln work has been a total farce from the start. You are blaming Severn Trent for the delays but it's T&W who have failed to adequately manage the project and keep residents informed. The project should not have been allowed to start without the cast-iron guarantee that Severn Trent could do their work when required.It is T&W who designed the overall project to work on key junctions concurrently. It is T&W who implemented other major projects such as Rampart Way & the M54 junction 4 work at the same time. It looks like total incompetence to most residents. T&W need to accept responsibility for their actions and errors and make a full public apology.