closure of parts of telford hospital

how ridiculous is this decision. Millions spent on building women and children's centre to close and spend millions more doing centre at Shrewsbury hospital, when cuts are needed, also peoples lives are risked as well as putting burden on other hospital areas. Its a growing town, population is expanding besides people visiting area. I hope Lucy Allan is putting the view point of local people across to those concerned.

Future Fit

This lot are a total disgrace and should be removed from making any more decisions, as they seem incapable and are certainly not interested in the care and wellbeing of Telford and Wrekin residents. Wake up folks we are walking into a disaster, stop them before it is too late

Future Fit

I understand that this is a complex and difficult situation, but the strategy of secrecy seems suspect, and the overall impression is one of costly chaos.

PRH v Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals

I have no confidence in these decision makers to make the correct decision. After spending money to build a specialist department for women and children to decided 2 years later it must close. Are these the same people that are making these decisions? .We need two A & E departments. The area of Telford is growing fast with houses being built at a fast pace. The roads are getting more and more congested due to the increased number of people living and working in Telford, that makes it even harder to get to Shrewsbury. Where are people to park if they are visiting/being treated at Shrewsbury you can't get parked there now.They have sold off the land in the area of Shrewsbury hospital so where/how can they improve on what they have been left with?

Movement of women's and baby unit to Shrewsbury

The body responsible for this ill thought out decision should be sacked and save their salaries!!!How can anyone justify spending £28m 2 years ago to throw it all away now in order to support a miss thought out idea of locating A&E at the RSH Nonsense!!!


I understand that the board of Future Fit is made up of 2/3 Shrewsbury people. If this is correct is this fair & a bit biased? Should this kind of decision not be made by a fair section of the whole of Shropshire!

Moving Women & Children's to Shrewsbury

.My Granddaughter has to have regular blood tests for her thyroid. These have been done at PRH Women & Children's Unit until her last one a couple of weeks ago when she had to go to RSH. When her mother asked if it was a 'one off' she was told no they will always be here from now on. That immediately rang alarm bells as to a move having already been decided!!!

Closure of the women's & children's unit at the PRH

I understand that the NHS is short of money. No wonder if it is being squandered in this fashion. The women's & children's unit was built at the PRH as the facilities at the RSH were unfit for purpose. What is the cost of renovating the proposed unit at the RSH? For this reason alone, if it works why change it!

Hospital closure

I think it is disgraceful to even think about it ,there are more people in Telford than Shrewsbury ,it should remain as it is.

Women and children's centre

How can they justify spending 28 million pounds just to reverse their decision after 2 years. They don't deserve to be paid when they are just wasting money that could be put to far better use.

Human Rights

Anyone affected by this decision might be able to take legal action under the human rights legislation. because it deprives them of readily accessible medical treatment due to increased transport and other costs. not everyone has their own transport or enough time and money to travel to Shrewsbury Hospital for treatment. let alone deal with the problem of returning home after treatment. obviously the people who made the decision have no experience of these type of problems.