Halesfield Recycling

The site at Halesfield, which was taken over by Veolia at the beginning of October, will undergo a refurbishment over the next few weeks. Visitors will see improved signage to enable them to locate the recycling areas that they are visiting more easily. A management and safety plan is already in place in order to keep visitors and the site safe which of course is always a top priority. In addition we are pleased that the staff previously located at the Granville site have been transferred across to Veolia, with all their expertise, which ensures continuity for residents who previously used that site.The Halesfield site is now open 7 days a week, which means that improvement works have to take place while the site is open, but we hope residents will start to see improvements in the coming weeks.

Halesfield Recycling

If this site is improved then I'm glad I never had to se it before. Had to use it this week (w/c 17/10) and it was awful. We were disposing of a lot of bits and had to keep criss crossing the site, not exactly safe! The layout needs looking at, nowhere near as good as Redhill.

Hortonwood recycling Centre

<p>&nbsp;Thanks for the comments. The facility has capacity for about 30 cars on site at any one time. The split level design, with multiple lanes and a one way system aids keeping traffic moving; this also lends itself to ease of unloading too with no steps to climb. The online "View the Queue" system, which allows people to check the entrance for queues before arriving at the centre, enables people to choose to visit at times that are least busy. Furthermore, with the changes to opening hours/days at recycling centres, the public have 770 extra hours a year in which they can use this centre,&nbsp;spreading visitors over more time.&nbsp; We aim to&nbsp;make people’s visit to the centre as swift and easy as possible,&nbsp;keeping congestion to a minimum. This&nbsp;and the speed limit should give time and space for people to comfortably reverse into spaces. The&nbsp;“herringbone” parking system has worked well on other sites; many find it easier to reverse into these than into straight parking bays.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;As well as the Household Recycling Centre there is also the large shed (Transfer Station) behind the public area where all kerbside-collected waste (excluding your green top bin) is brought. The different types of waste are bulked up in the shed and transferred for processing. The recycling goes to be sorted, then recycled; the red top waste goes to be incinerated to create electricity. As you can imagine, the whole of Telford &amp; Wrekin creates a lot of waste, there are 13 recycling trucks for the purple top/blue bag waste alone, as well as other types of waste lorries and many arctic lorries. The yard has to be large to accommodate the quantity and size of vehicles that visit the site. The yard also serves as a depot, where the recycling lorries are based and maintained.Staff parking is provided onsite for the collection crews and operatives, and for the small team of office staff that support the operations.The various parts of the site are all integral to making the Household Recycling Centre, and&nbsp;recycling in the borough, work in the most efficient way.</p>

Beware of punctures.

Visited on 2nd day and disappointed to find nails on the road surface next to the wood recycling.....very clear this area had not been swept recently...is this not meant to be the job of the numerous attendants.Also no facility to dispose of printer cartridges..why?


the requirement to reverse at a 25 degree angle into a car space so that my boot is next the the wood/metal recycling is misguided.Not all of 60+ladies have those kind of driving skills anymore....bound to be an accident soon. Disappointed with the layout....seems very small and will get easily congested. The bulk of the site is given over the Voila's offices and car parks for staff .The public recycling seems to be just an add-on

Home Reycling Centres - feedback on your comments

Thank you for your comments so far and in response we can confirm:That there is a ‘queue cam’ at Hortonwood 50 and that can found at either:http://www.telford.gov.uk/info/1003/bins_and_recycling/223/rubbish_tips_and_recycling_banksorhttp://www.veolia.co.uk/telford-and-wrekin/household-recycling-centres-1 The queue cam for Halesfield 1 is due shortly. Please note we are dealing with a glitch that currently asks to ‘log in’ to view the cam but this is not required and you can get around it simply by clicking ‘cancel’ and you will be taken to the queue cam images. And to confirm the queue cam is intended to show queues on the HRC site itself not on the surrounding roads. The Hortonwood 50, HRC site is situated around the corner from the Faccenda entrance which is on Hortonwood 60. The busy times for the HRC’s tend to be weekends which generally is when the two industrial estates are quieter. In terms of the location of the two new sites some people will have to travel further to get to their nearest HRC. However, ‘Old CRC’ provision showed there were 5,826 properties that were more than 6 miles away from their nearest ‘CRC’. This number will go down to 4,840 with the new provision.And the other good news is that Granville site staff will be at the two new sites. Hope that helps.

traffic chaos

found the queue link on TWC but it cam up unauthorized...why doesn't the info just say avoid shift changing times at Faccienda..that's the chicken factory opposite which employs over 1000 people. Never should have been built in this location.......


given the location opposite Faccenda and the Mod warehouse I can understand why we are being are urged to check the queues online..incidentally where is the link on the Veolia website because I could not find it ...

Recycling centres

'Quecam'? Priorslee resident checks the camera, sees very little traffic at the site, by the time he locks up the house, sets off and arrives at the centre 15 minutes later, he arrives to find the place heaving and at the rear of a long que. Pointless unless you live just around the corner. Having had conversations with some of the recycling staff at the Granville site, they explained that the site could of continued operating as normal, but like everything else it all bores down to money and cost cutting.


Be thankful that you only have that far to travel. Those of us who live in rural areas are grateful that the site has moved a little nearer!

Recycling halesfied

I hope that all of your workers at Granville have been reemployed as they were always most helpful and polite,.we always went there instead of Halesfield,which is across the road from us because the workers at Halesfield are the most unhelpful at any of the local recycling centres

Recycling centres

Absolutely ridiculous to expect people in st George's and Priorslee to travel all the way to Hortonwood or Halesfield with recycle. I will just throw it all in red bin from now on.