We are committed to continuing to invest in our borough towns and New Town estates and this has included major regeneration projects in Brookside, Hadley, Hollinswood, Ironbridge and Oakengates.Between 2009 and 2013, Telford & Wrekin Council invested more than £11m in Wellington, including the construction of a new civic building which incorporates a new library, register office and refurbished leisure centre.Since then, we have been working closely with Wellington Town Council to deliver the next stage of regeneration of the centre. The Council has raised approximately £2.6m through the sale of various property assets in Wellington. Through these disposals, 65 new houses are being delivered and 21,000 sq ft of office space brought back into use.A Project Board has also been set up comprising Town Council representatives and Telford & Wrekin Council officers to look at how to make the vision of the Wellington 2020 study a reality.


How about some serious investment in our market towns? My town, Wellington is in a terrible state due to lack of investment. Lots of empty shops and neglected buildings and sadly no interest from the Council. Only money invested in Southwater,


As the above article states, the WPD work is the laying of the electricity supply to the development at the front of Meeting Point House. This development was agreed *after* the original ground works for Southwater were installed.


Surely that land was always scheduled for development and should have had the cables laid from the start. We will just get this disruption over with then work will start on the GREEN space near the lake. Presumably this will also need cables laying?