Getting to PRH

For journey planning we recommend using <a href=";">;</a>&nbsp;Input your postcode and PRH as the destination it should provide a number of options on how to get to PRH. There are various options which involve a number of bus services or bus &amp; train.

Bus travel to PRH

I am one of the unfortunate patients who has been given an appointment at PRH, but unable to get detailed instructions how to get to PRH for 11.00hrs on a Morning. Arriva tell me I need to use 3 bus connections but their time tables are no help to someone not used to travelling long distances by bus, e.g where do the buses stop and where does the connection start from. The internet tells me the X44 stops at the hospital entrance but Arriva tells me it does not; also the time table states it is a school bus travelling once a day. Please help me to travel from SY1 3HA to PRH for 11.00hrs and the return journey.