Just moved here last week and it would be good to know the addresses


The traffic at Hortonwood will be chaotic sharing same access of new Mod site, Dale Brothers, Faccienda and the abbatoir

New HRC Timings & Wasted time/monies

On the face of it this sounds like a very positive move, especially with the proposed savings. However, no mention of the monies to be spent closing and reopening the various sites. I am also concerned that, after the recent revelations in the media, much of our efforts in trying to improve recycling rates is wasted it would seem. Apparently investigations have revealed that much of our time, money and effort are negated by the sorted waste being passed on to companies for processing, who in turn are exporting it together with non recyclable waste all mixed up. At destination this "contaminated" waste is simply incinerated or sent to land fill. Are we really achieving anything or just passing the problem elsewhere? A reassurance that this is not the case would be nice. The temptation otherwise is to say "I won't bother to sort!"


I think this is a sound move in every respect.

Re: Recycling

There will be a re-use scheme as part of the new contract.


I trust that the new centre will be as efficient as Potters in Welshpool.A by product of their scheme is recycling by selling usable items from cycles to kitchen sinks for as little as £1.The funds received all go to charity too.


Keep up the good work a very good company doing very good work for us all.