Homes for disabled

@Sue: It is too early to say how many homes will cater for the disabled as part of the Land Deal. This will be determined on a site by site basis as individual plots of land are brought to market and sold to developers.

Doctors' surgeries

@John: Whether new doctors' surgeries are part of an individual development is decided on a site by site basis and depends on existing provision in the vicinity.

More Jobs? Job losses too!

T&W seem obsessed with putting in big hypermarkets & shopping parks but this loses the identity of the old market towns, like Wellington & Newport. New jobs may be created but the high streets get ruined, market towns lose their history and jobs are lost with small businesses closing. They should be supporting small businesses on the High Streets & not shutting them down with huge supermarkets. It's just not fair for the individuals who want to run their own small companies & not work for the big wigs who earn triple figures but pay their staff minimum wage. It's disgusting that they don't seem to want to preserve our historic market towns. Shrewsbury have it right so why can't T&W.

2,800 homes

How many of those homes will be catered for disabled people, especially those who are desperate for a wheelchair adapted bungalow


What Doctors surgeries are planned to cover all this development? Newport is already struggling under theextra houses built


Where is this land to be developed?.Typical doublespeak from our elected representatives.

more housing

I was born in Wellington "call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye"