Free Swimming for the over 50s

Mr Oliver has raised a number of good points. This concession could be seen as a life saver for a good number of people. It has got them out of the house, exercising and at the same time socialising - a benefit for both physical and mental health and wellbeing. All this has a positive affect on the pull on NHS resources - finances, personnel and time - saving money in that arena. The council is urged to consider all these points in their deliberations. I doubt the vast majority of people are even aware of this proposal and will be caught out and disappointed should it be put into action.

free swimming for over 50's

There will be no money saved whatsoever. The fact that numbers of swimmers increased by more than 50% when free swimming was introduced shows that free swimming encourages healthy exercise. If people over 50 have to pay, these numbers will simply drop once more, producing no more income and not saving anything. The free swimming provides not just exercise desperately important when pursuing health and fitness, but physiotherapy which is not burdening the NHS with basic exercise/ movement work, which if free swimming is removed will fall back onto the NHS to provide once more.The free swimming initiative was a most imaginative movement by the council in SAVING money. The swimming pools have to be heated anyway, the staff are within the buildings anyway, so what is the money saving?Its not money saving, the council are pursuing money making...quite a difference. The problem is, the majority of the people using the free swimming will stop anyway. Save money long term within the NHS and keep the Free Swimming.And remember it's not just physical health, mental health issues can be combatted by physical exercise too.To me it's a NO BRAINER. The initiative was a move that Telford should have been proud of. A movement that led the way. An extremely cost effective provision.It would be a very ignorant and poorly educated fool that would want to stop this.

Swimming Cuts for over 50s

At a time when the NHS is struggling this is short sightedness on the part of central government. This excellent initiative would and probably is saving our society far more than it costs. The problem today is profit for a few before health for the many.

Free swimming

Clearly if 3000 extra people have taken advantage of the free swimming then there is a demand. I would imagine that the same people will not join aspirations or continue swimming or they would have done so before. Why not meet the residents half way and give a concession to over 50s. You could do this on certain sessions only if the total of public swim sessions is too resource intensive. I think that this is a real shame that it hasn't even lasted a year. Clearly an impact assessment or analysis was not done correctly.