A Day of Reflection

Tuesday 23 March marks one year since the nation went into lockdown for the first time.

A Day of Reflection
People are encouraged to take the time to reflect on the year that has been. To remember loved ones have been lost, think of those who have lost loved ones and to look back on the sacrifices and changes we have all had to ensure over the past twelve months. 

Throughout the day content has been shared on the Telford & Wrekin Council Facebook and Twitter pages. 

This includes a reflective video we can be viewed here 

And a tribute to the 256 local people that have passed which can be viewed here 

Here is a poem to help put into words how the pandemic has impacted people and services. 

❀️ It's been a year since being asked to β€˜Stay at home’ to protect our NHS and save lives,

πŸ’› It’s not something we expected and came as quite a surprise.

πŸ’š Offices closed and people were asked to work from home,

πŸ’™ Keyworkers and furlough were terms that were unknown.

πŸ’œ Everyone needed a sign of hope and then came a rainbow,

❀️ Before we knew it, they appeared in everyone's window.

πŸ’› On roads and roundabouts making people smile,

πŸ’š It was obvious that this was going to last quite a while.

πŸ’™Remember when we all used to clap on a Thursday night,

πŸ’œ Celebrating key workers with our neighbours was a delight.

❀️ Advice was given on employment by the Job Box team,

πŸ’› Trees were planted to help keep things green.

πŸ’š Events were shared virtually when we had no choice,

πŸ’™ With residents getting involved using their singing voice.

πŸ’œ From a secret location balloons filled our sky,

❀️ Giving people the chance to stop and watch the world go by.

πŸ’› Test and Trace sites were set up across the borough,

πŸ’š To help make identifying cases even more thorough.

πŸ’™ Volunteers came forward to offer their support,

πŸ’œ We made adjustments to enable school transport.

❀️ Businesses were offered help and council tax holidays applied,

πŸ’› Laptops were provided for children borough wide.

πŸ’š Money raised through Kindle Kindness to help loved ones keep in touch,

πŸ’™ During a time when loneliness just started to feel too much.

πŸ’œ Schools reopened for all but not for long,

❀️ However, teachers did everything they could to keep their pupils strong.

πŸ’› We found ways of helping those in need,

πŸ’š Doorstep drop offs and free school meals were arranged at speed.

πŸ’™ We reminded you all to shop local for your treats,

πŸ’œ Supporting them helps save our high streets.

❀️ Volunteers walked dogs while family and friends remained loyal,

πŸ’› Telford even had a visit from a Royal.

πŸ’š Santa sent a special message for all of us to share,

πŸ’™ It was important that we all played our part to show we care.

πŸ’œThe work began opening vaccination centres to help protect us all,

❀️ Appointments made, with the number growing, even though it started off small.

πŸ’› Leisure centres have worked hard to make things safe and sound,

πŸ’š While some of their staff have been working on the ground.

πŸ’™ It’s been business as usual with many services continuing to run,

πŸ’œ The day to day work still needs to be done.

❀️ We can't look back without thinking of those we’ve lost along the way,

πŸ’› 256 local people are now a memory as we look to a brighter day.

πŸ’š Our thoughts are with all those who have lost someone they love,

πŸ’™ They’re shining bright upon us in the stars up above.

πŸ’œ Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done,

❀️ Over the past year we know it’s not been fun.

πŸ’› We all look to the future and hope we can see,

πŸ’š A borough that is flourishing and becoming all that it can be.

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