Local Plan Review consultation is extended due to lockdown

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Local Plan Review: Issues and Options Consultation has been extended until 8 January due to the current circumstances.

Local Plan Review consultation is extended due to lockdown

The new deadline of 8 January 2020 will allow residents, businesses and stakeholders an additional 5 weeks to submit any comments or feedback.

More than 140 comments have been received so far during the consultation which began on 12 October.

Due to coronavirus the consultation takes place online this year. Comments should be made through the consultation portal so that they can be properly registered. Should you have any issues using the portal please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 01952 384241.

This stage of the review is known as the Issues and Options process and further information on the consultation can be found at www.telford.gov.uk/localplanreview

The review provides residents with the opportunity to engage with the plan making process at a local level. The Council is committed to this as a locally led democratic process.

The consultation document includes proposals to amend or introduce new planning policies, options for the level of employment and housing growth up to 2040 and options for the distribution of growth between Telford, Newport and the rural area.

Through its ‘Call 4 Sites’ scheme the Council is also looking for a future supply of land which is suitable for development and primarily employment land. Land owners can submit sites within the borough, which may be suitable for future developments. More information can be found at www.telford.gov.uk/callforsites

Councillor David Wright, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for the Economy, Housing, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “We hope this new extended deadline will allow people more time to engage with the consultation and let us know their views.

“The original deadline coincided with the end of this second lockdown which we are currently facing. We were concerned, particularly for businesses that this would impact the amount of time they would have to submit their feedback as we know early December is potentially going be a busy time for them in getting their businesses back up and running.

“This consultation is about what the future looks like for the borough and we hope as many people as possible get involved to tell us what they think. The document explains how we propose to deliver more affordable housing across and also how we continue to secure community benefits such as investment in education facilities, public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure.”

The new deadline of 8 January 2020 will have no impact on the overall timescales and delivery of the Local Plan Review.

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