New Council Plan to Protect, Care and Invest

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet has outlined their new key priorities for services to protect, care and invest in the borough for local residents, businesses and visitors.

The new priorities cover every aspect of life and will help to create a better borough for everyone who lives, works and visits Telford and Wrekin. They are:

  • Every child, young person and adult lives well in their community
  • Everyone benefits from a thriving economy
  • All neighbourhoods are a great place to live
  • Our natural environment is protected, and the Council has a leading role in addressing the climate emergency
  • A community-focussed, innovative council providing efficient, effective and quality services

The new Council Plan sets out how each priority will be delivered and how this will be measured to understand its impact. The Council Plan will be reviewed and updated as necessary each year to ensure outcomes continue to improve and that they continue to help to create a better borough.

A year ago, the Council’s administration launched its first Council Plan of their new session following elections last May which gave a roadmap for delivering their commitments.

The 2019 Council Plan laid out more than 150 commitments and promises to the residents and businesses of Telford and Wrekin.

A year later, and in spite of some of the worst flooding in decades in the Ironbridge Gorge and the far reaching effects of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 90% of those commitments are already complete.

Council leader, Cllr Shaun Davies, said: “Since 2011, we’ve made many great strides to improve our services and the outcomes for local people, while managing continued financial pressures. We have delivered budget savings of £123 million, largely as a result of funding reductions from Government, while experiencing a significant increase in demand on our services.

“Despite these challenges, we have continued to deliver for our community: we have protected the most vulnerable through “outstanding” ratings for Children’s Safeguarding and Adult Shared Lives services and attracted and secured investment to create jobs for local people.

“Our co-operative values, which underpin this Plan, set out the basis for our relationship with our residents, our commitment for what the Council will do but also that we are asking our residents to accept and the responsibilities they have.”

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet will consider the new Council Plan at their meeting on Thursday 8 October.