Local Coronavirus cases in Telford and Wrekin

Information on the rise in covid-19 cases for the week ending 16 August.

Local Coronavirus cases in Telford and Wrekin

We are a long way from a local lockdown having to be imposed. However, to avoid a local lockdown from happening we need to act now – this is why we have launched our appeal to avoid a local lockdown.

There have been 28 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Telford and Wrekin during the week ending 16 August.

  • The average number of infections in the last week was higher than the West Midlands and England averages
  • There has now been a total of 667 confirmed cases in Telford and Wrekin since the outbreak began

There has been a significant increase in confirmed cases this week compared to last week.

Where are the cases happening?

This is a common question we are being asked.

As part of our test and trace activity we monitor all positive cases in the Borough and as far as possible try to identify connections between cases to establish if there are local outbreaks.

Many of the cases will be individual residents and we will contact those residents to ensure they are isolating, we will identify their contacts and inform them of the need to isolate and we will attempt to try and find the source where the person may have been exposed to the virus. In many situations this is not always possible.

Right now there is not a clear geographic pattern to the cases. There is a wide spread of cases across the Borough. Our advice is that everyone needs to take precautions  everywhere in Telford and Wrekin.

If at any point during our investigations we determine that transmission to wider community groups has or will be likely we will let you know as an urgent priority so you can take action.

Who is being affected?

This is another common question that is being asked.

The types of people being affected are broad. Young people and working age people are the ones being affected.

What can you do?

To fight the virus we need to know who has it, and to ask those who have been in close contact with positive cases to isolate. We can’t do this if people don’t get tested. We all need to play our part in test and trace.

It is therefore critical that if you have symptoms, you isolate, dial 119 or visit nhs.uk/coronavirus and get tested. Immediately.

It does not matter how mild the symptoms are, just get tested. If in doubt get tested.

More detail on the number of Coronavirus cases in Telford and Wrekin is available on our website.

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