Council supports national campaign to keep parks tidy

Telford & Wrekin Council is supporting Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign to call on everyone to do their bit to keep parks and green spaces clean by taking their litter home with them and putting it in their own bin.

Council supports national campaign to keep parks tidy

Local parks have been a lifeline for many people over the past few months, but as lockdown restrictions are eased and people are able to spend more time enjoying the open spaces, there is a real risk they will turn into rubbish dumps.

This is why Keep Britain Tidy is asking everyone to do their bit and to help ease the pressure on local councils, which are still facing immense challenges, supporting vulnerable residents who are shielding, whilst also maintaining essential frontline services and resuming other services in line with changing guidelines coming from Government.

Telford and Wrekin has seen an increase in littering in beauty spots, including a fire on The Wrekin caused by a disposable BBQ that had been left to smoulder.

The Council is out litter picking and emptying bins more often when the weather is warmer, but needs people to do their bit more than ever.

As well as general littering, discarded PPE (gloves and facemasks) has increasingly become an issue. Other trends being seen nationally are an increase in fly tipping and litter outside food premises as more start to open.

“Council staff across the country deserve all our thanks and support for the work they have been doing… and now is the time when we can show them our gratitude by doing our bit… We all want to be able to enjoy places that are clean and litter-free and this will not be possible if people don’t act themselves”, said Richard McIlwain, Deputy Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy.

One way that people can help is by not leaving rubbish behind. If you are eating or drinking in a park or green space, take your rubbish home with you. If a bin is overflowing, don’t leave it by the side of the bin where it can be blown about by the wind. Take it home.

Cllr Lee Carter, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for neighbourhood services, said: “More people are out and about in local beauty spots when the weather warms up, so litter bins tend to fill up quicker. We look after 2,500 litter bins and although our crews empty them more often in spring and summer, they can fill up quicker than we can empty them!  We therefore urge people to take their rubbish home, particularly if bins are full.

“We are doing what we can and our volunteer Street Champions and friends groups are helping, but we need your help too.  Please help us keep our borough beautiful by taking your rubbish home. If you do spot an overflowing bin, please report it to us. And if you spot a fly tip, report it too so we can investigate.”

More information about the Keep Britain Tidy campaign to support key workers during the COVID-19 crisis here.

Report an issue with litter or overflowing bin on council-owned land, please report it here.  Report fly tipping here. To report discarded face masks, gloves or aprons please report it here.