Multi use games areas, skate parks, BMX and athletic tracks to re-open

Even more outdoor sport and leisure facilities will re-open in time for the bank holiday weekend as part of a phased approach in easing of restrictions put in place for the coronavirus lockdown.

Multi use games areas, skate parks, BMX and athletic tracks to re-open

From Saturday 23 May, all outdoor multi use games areas, skate parks and BMX tracks will re-open in the borough. The Telford Town Park MUGA opens today. The opening of outdoor sport and leisure facilities are subject to residents following government guidelines regarding social distancing.

From Tuesday 26 May, Oakengates Athletics Track will re-open on a pre book basis (online only). A maximum of 6 athletes will be allowed on the track at one time for 1 hour slots throughout the day.

1:1 coaching will be permitted with social distancing implemented at all times. For full guidelines around athletic track usage, prices and how to book please visit our online page here.

The social distancing guidelines for the use of MUGA’s, skate parks, BMX and athletic tracks replicate those already in place for parks and outdoor sports facilities. Exercise, alone, with your household, or with one person who is not in your household as long as you stay two metres apart.

Whilst outdoor sports courts and facilities are now open, all outdoor gyms and playgrounds remain closed. Please do not use them.

Be aware that other people may have been in contact with outdoor surfaces before you, consider taking hand sanitizer / wipes with you and wash your hands at the earliest opportunity.

The complete list of MUGA’s, skate parks and BMX tracks can be found here. All of these facilities will be opened over the next two days, they will be open and available to use by Saturday 23 May. 

Cllr Eileen Callear, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Libraries, and Culture “It’s great we’re starting to see more outdoor spaces opened, and in time for what we hope will be a beautiful weekend.”

“Although these spaces have been opened, it is subject to us all following social distancing guidelines. It is absolutely key that we all play our part in observing the Government’s restrictions on their use and everyone continues to observe social distancing when using these.”