Outdoor sport and leisure facilities to re-open

Following the Government’s latest announcement around the coronavirus pandemic response, some outdoor sport and leisure facilities will begin to re-open as part of a phased approach in easing of restrictions put in place for the coronavirus lockdown.

Outdoor sport and leisure facilities to re-open

From Wednesday 13 May, outdoor tennis courts at Bowring, Hartshill and Dawley parks will re-open and fishing restrictions will be lifted on all council owned pools and river sections leased to angling associations, societies and clubs, including Telford Town Park.

From Monday 18 May, Horsehay Village Golf Course will re-open in line with Government rules, on the Wrekin side only, on a 9 hole golf basis. A number of conditions will be in place including the clubhouse remaining closed, online booking only and start times staggered 15 minutes apart to help ensure social distancing.

The opening of outdoor sport and leisure facilities are subject to residents following government guidelines regarding social distancing. From Wednesday 13 May, one person will be able to meet another from a different household in outdoor public settings – such as parks – but they must stay more than 2m apart.

The participation of outdoor sport must be alone, with members of the same household or with one individual from a different household providing social distancing measures are observed.

To ensure all outdoor sport and leisure facilities are used in a safe environment, the following guidelines have been set:

Horsehay Village Golf:
- The golf course will open 9am-7pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am -5pm (weekends) from Monday 18 May.
- The clubhouse, driving range and Footgolf course will remain closed. This includes all locker room and toilet facilities. 
- No Direct Debit memberships will be re-started.  Golf will be offered on a 9 hole basis (Wrekin side) and can only be booked and paid for online (from Monday 18 May). 
- Standard PAYG (pay as you go) prices apply for 9 holes to non-members.  Those with frozen memberships (DD & Cash) can book and pay at the reduced rate of £5 per 9 hole round online.
- Online bookings will be open to book for next week by Thursday 14 May.
- You can pair up with one other person from outside your household (two ball only) or, play with members from the same household (maximum four).
- All players are required to bring and use their own equipment, no equipment including buggies will be available to hire.
- The course will be marshalled by staff to ensure the safe operation of the course and adherence to government guidelines relating to social distancing.
- DO NOT touch flagstick or hole cup/liner. The hole cup/liner will be sitting above the surface of the green so treat the ball as ‘holed’ if it strikes the cup and finishes within a putter grip length.

Outdoor Tennis Courts (includes Bowring, Hartshill and Dawley parks):
- Parks based tennis courts will re-open from Wednesday 13 May and are free for community use.
- Social distancing must be followed at all times whilst on the courts.
-  Park play areas, multi-use games areas, skate parks, Bmx tracks, bowling green’s and cricket squares all remain closed. Please do not use them.

- Telford Town Park will re-open fishing pools from Wednesday 13 May.
- All fishing clubs operating on council waters  can return to normal use, theywill need to bailiff their own water and ensure appropriate use and social distancing.
- Only 1 person to occupy a fishing peg at a time, unless they are a family member of the same household.
- Withy Pool will be open for public fishing and will be offered free of charge providing any under 16s are supervised by an adult and that each angler to have a current Environment Agency rod licence).
- Council staff will be checking these safeguards are in place, by making unannounced visits to pools and river banks.
- Please follow the Angling Trust guidance at all times, see details here and observer the 15m fishing rule in this guidance
- Hinkshay and Stirchley Grange Pool car parks will also re-open.

Telford Town Park:
- The play areas, visitor centre, high ropes, adventure golf, formal gardens and disc golf will all remain closed. Please do not use the play areas.
- Dark Lane car park will re-open from Wednesday 13 May. The car park will be free of charge to avoid touchpoints at the ticket machine.
- The park will be patrolled by staff to ensure people are following Government rules relating to social distancing.

Cllr Carolyn Healy – Cabinet Member for Visitor Economy, Historic and Natural Environment, and Climate Change said “These steps outlined mark the beginning of a phased recovery from the coronavirus lockdown.

“We are doing what we can to give people a degree of access to some of the activities and pastimes that we have previously taken for granted. We hope residents continue to enjoy the beautiful green spaces we have in Telford and Wrekin safely.”

Cllr Eileen Callear- Cabinet Member for Leisure, Libraries, and Culture “It is absolutely key that we all play our part in observing the Government’s restrictions on their use and everyone continues to observe social distancing when using these.”