Bus services in the borough are being significantly improved, as a result of a major joint project between Arriva and Telford & Wrekin Council.

As a result, according to recent official figures from Arriva, Telford and Wrekin buses carried over 93,000 more passengers in 2019 compared to 2018 (a 2.38% increase) – despite a recent national trend that sees a decline in bus passenger numbers

Over the last 18 months, Telford & Wrekin Council and Arriva Midlands have been working in partnership to improve bus services in the borough.

As a result, Route 4 (a popular cross-town bus service operating from Leegomery to Madeley) has been relaunched with refurbished buses (with upgraded interior, for more comfortable journeys) and on street branding (new flags marking the bus stops along the route).

Following extensive work with Arriva, the Council regenerated Oakengates Bus Station at the end of 2019, by installing new, larger bus shelters - to accommodate more passengers and ease traffic when buses arrive together.

New lighting has also been installed, enabling better illumination of the Oakengates station and increasing passengers’ safety.

Additional improvement work at Oakengates Bus Station has been further carried out at the beginning of this year.

Within each of the new bus shelters, ‘Real Time Information’ screens for arrivals and departures of journeys have been provided, to inform passengers when their bus is due in real time.

In more than 15 bus stops in the borough where ‘Real Time Information’ screens are not installed, a trial is currently in place based on ‘QR’ codes.

As such, by scanning the ‘QR code’ displayed at the stop with their smartphone, passengers get real-time information on when their bus is due, thus being able to plan their journey more accurately.

As a result of these improvements carried out by the Council in partnership with Arriva, over 93,000 more passengers have chosen to travel by bus in the borough in 2019 compared to the previous year.

Councillor David Wright, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Transport, said: “Our continuous partnership with Arriva Midlands provides an enhanced bus service in our borough, making people’s bus journeys more comfortable and easier to plan.

“We are delighted that as a result, increasingly more people choose to travel by bus in Telford and Wrekin- despite the national bus service usage decline.

“We are committed to further continue to invest and improve our public transport service.

“Our collaboration with Arriva will see other initiatives unveiled in the coming months–not only benefitting bus users, but also helping to reduce congestion on Telford and Wrekin roads and as such, the borough’s carbon footprint, for a better and cleaner environment.”

Jamie Crowsley, Arriva Shropshire’s General Manager said: “Great news to be able to celebrate an increase in Telford and Wrekin bus passengers, when we experience a decline in numbers in other regions.

“This is all due to the hard work we’ve put in together with Telford & Wrekin Council for providing more accessible, comfortable and easier-to-plan bus journeys across the borough.

“This is really the start of the journey, we aim to continue to work together with the Council so that even more people in Telford and Wrekin choose our services.”

To find out more about Telford and Wrekin bus services timetables and QR codes usage, visit

Pictured (left to right): Jamie Crowsley (Arriva Shropshire’s General Manager) and Cllr David Wright, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Transport