Tree works along Donnington Wood Way

A tree team will shortly be working on the tree belt along Donnington Wood Way as part of the council’s ongoing tree management programme.

Tree works along Donnington Wood Way

Telford Development Corporation planted millions of trees in the 1970s to green the industrial landscape as Telford New Town developed as a forest city.  The widespread planting included slow growing native trees including oak, beech, pine, ash and horse chestnut as well as fast growing nursery stock such as poplar and willow.

The fast growing poplar and willow trees were planted to shelter the slower growing native trees from wind and heat as they established themselves.

As part of an ongoing programme to manage the tree population, there are a number of nursery trees on Donnington Wood Way that have now reached an age and size where they are negatively impacting on the development of the native trees and nearby householders have requested that trees be removed.

Work to remove 66 poplars, 11 willows and a number of ash from a 150-metre stretch of the tree belt along Donnington Wood Way is scheduled to start next week and is expected to take one week to complete. 

The removal of these trees will ensure the tree belt is healthy, which will in turn provide better habitats for wildlife, and also mitigate any impact on nearby properties.

Here is a short video of tree officer Matt explaining why work of this type is undertaken

Crews will be on site from Monday 20 January and will be working 9.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. For safety reasons, the work will require a partial road closure with traffic management in place.

Wood from the removed trees will be sold for biomass for woodchip boilers, with the proceeds used to reinvest into environmental projects. The remaining stumps will be treated to prevent re-growth. An assessment of the area will be carried out in September to establish whether the area has naturally regenerated from the existing seed bank. Any gaps will be restocked with smaller growing, berry producing British natives.

Letters have gone out to local residents to let them know what is happening and explaining why the work is being undertaken. Other stakeholders have also being advised.

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