Illegal body building and weight loss supplements to be destroyed

A court has given permission for Telford & Wrekin Council to destroy unauthorised body building and weight loss supplements found at a business in the borough.

Council officers visited Eden Horticulture in Hortonwood West in December where they found a variety of supplements in stock for sale to the public via the internet.

The supplements all contain powerful substances not authorised for sale to the public because they are either drugs in the stages of clinical trials or have been dropped from ever being safe for human consumption due to severe adverse effects such as cancerous growths, kidney failure and eyesight problems.

The Council took the matter to Shropshire Magistrates court sitting in Telford where today, a Justice of the Peace signed condemnation orders. In condemning the products, the court has given permission for Telford & Wrekin Council to destroy the products found by its officers.

The products found were all sold under the ‘Bodybuilt Labs’ label and included:

Bodybuilt Labs S-23: Described by its seller as “totally safe, even for beginners” which “helps you lose stubborn fat quickly and easily), this is a pre-clinical trial drug (studied on rats) intended only to be a potent male hormonal contraceptive.

Cardarine GW-201516: Marketed as the “King for fat loss and endurance”, tests on this drug on rats and mice caused rapid development of cancer.

Andarine (S-4): Despite its description of turning “your body into a fat burning furnace”, this is commonly reported to give a yellow tint to eyesight and night-time blindness.

Councillor Richard Overton, Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet Member for Enforcement said: “This is a very serious matter. Products which have been promoted for fitness are either unproven, or have very serious side effects. If anyone has taken any of these products and has any concerns, they should contact their GP. If anyone still sees these products for sale, please inform Telford & Wrekin Council’s Public Protection team by either calling 01952 381818 or emailing .”

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