One week left to apply for grant scheme

There is just one week left to apply for the Young Person’s Grant Scheme (#YPG) from Telford & Wrekin Council.

Mentors, sports coaches, teachers and people who support young people are invited to support applications for the grant.

Now in its fourth round, the scheme is targeted at helping children and young people living in the borough, who have overcome challenging circumstances to achieve their aspirations.

It is also aimed at helping young people identified as gifted and talented in areas such as performing arts, education and training, sport and employment.
The application process is simple, a 500 word statement about why you think you qualify and a supporting statement by a coach or mentor counts as evidence of the young person’s capabilities or successes.
The scheme is part funded by savings from reductions to Cabinet allowances. In 2011, when Labour took over the authority, the council’s Cabinet chose to forgo ten per cent of its special responsibility allowance.

To date the council has awarded grants which total more than £117,000 and supported over 100 young people covering every postcode area in Telford and Wrekin.

Applications can now be submitted here, and the scheme is open to:
• A children and young people up to the age of 25
• Residents in Telford & Wrekin
• Identified as gifted, talented, excellent or exceptional
• Awards for education, training, employment, sport, arts, culture, dance or music
• Children and young people who have overcome personal and/or family adversity
Closing date is Monday, 30 September at 5pm – please see below for some helpful questions and answers to help with your application.

Who can apply?
Applications have four basic criteria. You must be
• Under 25
• A resident in the borough of Telford & Wrekin
• Overcome challenging circumstances to achieve their aspirations
• Been identified as gifted and talented

How do I apply?
It’s really easy to apply. First, you need to write a statement of up to a maximum of 500 words. This ideally should be by the applicant if they are old enough – or with support of a parent.

Next, a mentor needs to provide a supporting statement which must be uploaded with the application. Finally, feel free to share any pictures or videos to support you application. 

How much money could I apply for?
A maximum of £500 is available per applicant.

Can I apply for someone else?
Absolutely, if you are a mentor of any sort for example a sports coach, music teacher, counsellor, work with children with special needs or volunteer with the Girl Guides and Beaver groups, you can complete an application on their behalf with their consent.

What should an application include?
Applications need to be a maximum of 500 words and should include details like: Why you think the candidate deserves a grant - Have they overcome a disability, have they identified a way to help the community, have they overcome difficult circumstances, are they a carer or have an illness that makes daily life more challenging for them?

What would they use the grant for – Would it help buy specialist equipment to get them started with a new hobby that supports their needs, could it help part fund course fees, could it help pay for travel costs to particular venues.

What counts as a mentor?
If you work with or offer support voluntarily or through paid employment you can act as a mentor. Parents cannot be a mentor unless they are the coach or teacher for the applicant.
Where does the money come from?
The grants come from Cabinet members choosing to forego ten per cent of their special allowances. To date we have awarded grants which total more than £117,000 and supported over 100 young people covering every postcode area in Telford and Wrekin.