"Council abolition" call an insult to democracy, to employees , the thriving business community and to residents

The leader of Telford &Wrekin Council has moved to reassure residents, staff and partners that calls for an abolition of the authority have no basis whatsoever and are an affront to democracy.

"Council abolition" call an insult to democracy, to employees , the thriving business community and to residents

 Shrewsbury’s MP Daniel Kawczynski claims to be actively seeking such a move, although he does not have the support of other Conservative representatives in the county.

Telford & Wrekin Council leader Councillor Shaun Davies said: “This MP has long sought our merger with Shropshire Council and I can only assume it is because he wants to rob Telford and Wrekin residents to pay for Shropshire Council and sort its problems out.

“Just look at what Telford & Wrekin Council has – a balanced budget for many years, lower council tax, free swimming for under 18s, state of the art schools and recreation facilities, high quality transport network, a thriving town centre, a buoyant housing market, great partnership working with all sectors and a borough that is a magnet for business investment including one of the biggest foreign direct investments in the country in the last decade. I’m not surprised he’s jealous.

“In local elections, only one month ago a key issue we committed to was no merger with Shropshire and the electorate responded by returning this administration with the biggest majority in 16 years.

“These bully boy tactics are an affront to the people of the borough and to local democracy. We are much better off out of Shropshire and have been for the last 21 years. The will of the people must be respected and we would fight any such move tooth and nail.”

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