Are you ready for European Elections?

The European Elections take place on Thursday (23 May) and whether you will be voting at a polling station or by post, there is still time to have your say.

European elections are held every five years in all 28 of the European Union states.

They are a time for residents in the borough to have a say on which parties represent the West Midlands with Members of European Parliament (MEPs).

The UK will be represented by 73 MEPs, of which seven will be from the West Midlands region.

Polling cards and postal votes have all now been sent out to people registered to vote in the borough.

Postal votes must be received by 10pm on Thursday so there is still time to get them in the post and get your vote counted.

However, for people who do miss the post but still want to use their postal vote, they can either be handed in to First Point at Addenbrooke House by 5pm on polling day or at a local polling station by 10pm on Thursday.

For those people registered to vote who have not registered for a postal vote, polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on 23 May.  Although it is not necessary, it always helps if voters take their polling cards to the polling station where they will be provided with voting papers.

Each polling card will detail the polling station that each voter is required to go to in order to make their vote. Some polling stations may have changed from the local elections earlier this month, so please check polling cards for details of your polling station.