£75,000 funding for activities for the young in key areas

Telford & Wrekin Council is committing £75,000 funding to put in place projects to help vulnerable young people.

£75,000 funding for activities for the young in key areas

The money will be spent on activities across four key hubs in Wellington, Donnington, Madeley and Dawley.

The council will be working with local groups and partners who share the Council’s commitment to offering young people chances to get involved with sport, build their confidence, offer alternatives to being on the street and encourage engagement with their communities.

The aim is to help build resilience among these groups against criminal exploitation.

Activities will include boxing and other sports to engage young people in healthy, worthwhile pursuits in their local communities.

Councillor Lee Carter, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Council Finance, Commercial Services and Economic Development, said: “Young people have had a lot of negative coverage recently so I believe it is important that local authorities take a proactive approach to positively engage with them.

“Our investment will be used to make sports and other activities readily available to them to give them positive rewarding experiences that improve their health and fitness.”

The council has committed to the funding as part of a series of one of investments totaling £3.6m. It is able to do this because of a change to the council’s finances and a one off tax rebate.