How well are Adult Social Care Services performing in Telford & Wrekin?

Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet is set to give the all clear to publish its annual Local Account when it meets on 18 October.

How well are Adult Social Care Services performing in Telford & Wrekin?

The Local Account uses real stories from people who use social care to help local residents understand more about the support provided to adults and older people and their carers in the borough.

The Local Account is produced by councils across the country and is designed to make more information available on what councils achieve for local people when delivering their Adult Social Care priorities. 

The Council’s latest Local Account provides information on:

•Real life stories and a focus on some of the teams within Adult Social Care

•The development of the Making It Real Board – a group of service users who use their own experiences to look at what is and isn’t working well within Adult Social Care

•A comparison of the numbers of adults receiving care and support in the different service areas in 2017/18 and 2016/17

•A look at the current priorities and feedback from service users on how they think the council is performing in relation to these

•Learning identified from feedback

Councillor Paul Watling, Cabinet Member for Children & Adults Early Help and Support said: “The challenge for all councils is how to deliver good outcomes for local people at a time of ever-growing demand, limited resources and further cuts to budgets by central government.  

“The role of Adult Social Care is to help the most vulnerable remain safe and healthy in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. 

“The services we provide and how we do our work continues to have this focus, but how we deliver these services is changing to ensure that we are even more accountable to those individuals and their carers and more focussed on building greater community resilience and support. 

“We are still at the early stages of this but I hope this publication goes some way towards raising the profile of Adult Social Care in people’s minds, at the same time making people aware of some of the extraordinary work that goes on every day to ensure that local people who use the service can live well and enjoy dignity, rights and choices. “

Telford and Wrekin’s Making it Real Board was established in January 2018 to ensure that co-production with people who use services and their carers is a reality and central to future developments. The Board is made up of and led by volunteers who are themselves users of services and family carers. 

Mick Crehan, Co-chair of the Making It Real Board said: "As ‘Experts by Experience’ board members are uniquely placed to affect how the Council delivers services and to ensure that decisions around the future of these services are made for the benefit of all those who use them.  

“The Making It Real Board will continue to assist the Council to achieve the aims laid out in the Local Account; empowering people to live their own lives the way they want to with the support and assistance they need to accomplish their own goals. 

“I would encourage anyone who has an interest in adult social care to have a read and let us know what you think.”  

To find out more about Making It Real and dates of future meetings email or call 01952 380839