The Big Reveal - Telford 50 Legacy Project

One of Telford’s largest and longest established employers is contributing to Telford’s 50th birthday celebrations by regenerating the Hortonwood traffic island as a legacy project.

The Big Reveal - Telford 50 Legacy Project

The transformation project is a collaboration with Telford & Wrekin Council and the Parish Councils.

An extensive programme of works to landscape the Hortonwood traffic island at the end of the borough’s main Eastern Primary will include features to reflect the sponsor business’s values – which includes supporting environmental, community and educational projects.

As part of this project, the Hortonwood traffic island will be the subject of a “BigCommunityReveal” celebration event on October 19th.

Until then, the full detail of the traffic island design is being kept under wraps, disguised as a ‘happy birthday Telford’ birthday parcel.

All will be revealed at an event later this month which will be a significant part of the Telford 50 ongoing celebrations. It will be attended by councillors, civic dignitaries and members of the community who have been involved in the many valuable community projects supported by this business.

Telford & Wrekin Council leader Councillor Shaun Davies said: “This is a fantastic legacy gift to help celebrate Telford’s 50th birthday.

“We are very proud of Telford’s business community and we are proud to be a business winning and business supporting council. 

“Many of the businesses across the borough play an active role in their local community and we are privileged to have a business in the borough prepared to make such a statement about their investment in Telford’s future.    

“This is a testament to the commitment that they have shown to our borough and its communities over many years.” 

The project has also involved Hadley & Leegomery and Wrockwardine Wood & Trench parish councils.

Councillor John Smart of Hadley and Leegomery Parish Council said: “We are very grateful for this wonderful legacy project to help celebrate Telford’s 50 birthday. 

“The scheme will make a lasting contribution to future generations and we are privileged to have the company's involvement and vested interest in the Telford community. Hadley & Leegomery Parish Council would like to extend our thanks to them for this gift.”

Councillor Anne Watkins of Wrockwardine Wood & Trench Parish Council said: “This exciting project is much more than just a traffic island and we are looking forward to 19 October when the full story behind this legacy project is revealed. 

“We truly appreciate the effort that has gone into the project and looking forward to the long lasting impact this gift will provide.” 

The creation of legacy projects is one of the most important aspects of Telford’s 50th birthday celebrations; it was one of the themes supported most strongly by local people during consultation on the 50th year celebrations. Telford & Wrekin Council has not funded this project. 

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