Lasers to mark the start of Telford 50 anniversary year!

A unique laser art display by laser artist Dal Badial will mark the opening of Telford’s 50th anniversary year on 1 and 2 January.

Lasers to mark the start of Telford 50 anniversary year!

As LIGHT is a main theme of Telford 50 (symbolising celebration and the borough’s bright future), the year will start with a laser art installation that traverses the borough and connects communities on its path to the Wrekin – representing how the 50th anniversary will connect people and places.

On New Year’s Day and on 2 January, from 5pm until 10pm, seven laser light beams will shoot across the night sky over Telford and Wrekin, figuratively connecting the borough communities and kick-starting a year-long programme of events to celebrate Telford 50.

The lasers will originate from seven different locations, converging on the Wrekin - the borough’s highest landmark - from almost 10 miles away.

People living in the communities closest to the light beam path should be able to see the lasers from their own homes, back gardens or nearby streets. A full list of locations where laser lights will pass over is available here.

As the laser lights mark the start of Telford 50 celebration, people who see them are encouraged to share the moment with family & friends.
Anyone who sees the lasers can post photos of it on the Council’s social media (Telford 50 Facebook group and the Council’s main Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts) using the hashtag #TF50light.

The Council can’t guarantee that everyone in the borough will be able to see the lasers, as this depends on where exactly people are located when the art installation takes place as well as on weather conditions and ambient lights.
The closer you are to the laser beams’ path , the better the experience and the view of the light.

Anyone who wants to be kept updated on the laser art installation and to see photos of it can go to the Council’s main Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as to the dedicated Telford 50 Facebook group.

The international laser artist Dal Badial from London based company Laser Hire London UK Ltd said: “We are very excited to be part of the Telford 50 celebration and to mark the start of the anniversary year right from the beginning of it.

”This is one of the largest laser light installations over distance that we have done - as we will be connecting at the same time seven laser  beams (emerging from different locations of the borough)  to the Wrekin, from in some cases, almost 10 miles away.

“The laser beams will pass over many communities of the borough and we hope that many people will see and enjoy them.

Happy Birthday, Telford!”

Telford’s 50th year will see a range of anniversary celebrations and events all year through, many of them being community-led. These will include parties, festivals, carnivals, events and other festive activities that people can join in.

The headline events organised by the Council for next year have already been announced and can be viewed here.
Further events will take place later as part of Telford 50, which will continue the theme of LIGHT. 

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