New Board make-up heralds new partnership approach for Council and The Wrekin Housing Trust

A change in the make-up of the Board of The Wrekin Housing Trust is set to signal a new era of closer working and partnership between Telford & Wrekin Council and the Trust.

New Board make-up heralds new partnership approach for Council and The Wrekin Housing Trust

This follows changes in national legislation giving greater autonomy for Housing Associations in the way that they manage themselves and become a charitable community benefit society.

This could have seen council representation removed from the Housing Trust’s board, ending completely the Council’s involvement in the Trust.

However after discussion between the Trust and the Council, a different approach is now proposed.

This would see Council representation on a smaller Trust Board structure continue, preserving the relationship formally with a councillor nominated as one of only ten Trust Board members.

The new approach comes both organisations are committing to find ways to work together even more closely and make the most of this change.

This includes looking at how they can pool investment and funding in the borough, such the Trust’s community fund and the Council’s Pride on Our Community initiatives, and work more closely on a range of community issues.

The Trust and the Council also commit to closer working between senior leaders in both organisations. Councillors will also be able to raise issues in their ward that directly affect the Trust.

Cllr Angela McClements who is Telford & Wrekin WHT Board representative, said: “This will ensure we are all focused even more on doing the best for people in our borough, in which we are both huge investors.

“I am sure that working even more closely together we can help achieve even better things for the borough.  We share so much common ground and I am delighted that the Trust see and value the perspective that Council membership of its Board would bring."

Wayne Gethings, Managing Director at the Trust, said: “The Trust is committed to meeting the increasing demand for affordable housing in the borough, and working closely with the Council is a key part of our ambitions to deliver on this.”

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