Stop smoking with help from your local Stop Smoking Service

People across Telford and Wrekin are being encouraged to join in with Stoptober this year by stopping smoking from the 1st of October

Stop smoking with help from your local Stop Smoking Service

Although smoking has become less popular both locally and the rest of the country, there are still 20,000 people who smoke and 270 people die every year from smoking in Telford and Wrekin.

Stoptober has driven over 1 million stop smoking attempts in the UK to date and is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country.

Everyone’s quitting journey is different, but with Stoptober, you won’t be on your own. Join the thousands of people who stop smoking with Stoptober and get all the support you need to help you on your quit journey.

Telford & Wrekin’s award-winning Stop Smoking Service is poised to support anyone who wants to stop smoking this year.

Each adviser is on hand with supportive advice that’s based around the needs of the person who wants to stop smoking. Nothing is prescriptive and there is no set plan that people have to follow.

There are more ways to stop smoking than ever before and the Stop Smoking Service can help you to choose what works best for you. You can quit using medication (including nicotine replacement therapies such as patches and gum) or e-cigarettes.

To kick-start your stop smoking journey contact Healthy Lifestyles on 01952 382582 or email They’ll be able to put you in touch with your relevant Stop Smoking Service.

If you don’t want one to one advice from our specialist advisors then Stoptober offers a range of free support to help you stop smoking. Including an app, daily emails, Facebook Messenger and lots of encouragement from the Stoptober online community on Facebook.

Arnold England, Cabinet Member for Communities, Health and Wellbeing said: “I am delighted to support Stoptober this year. The campaign is based on research that shows that if you can stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to stay smokefree for good.

“We know that alternative methods such as e-cigarettes are a popular way for many people to quit. If you already smoke, then swapping to e-cigarettes is likely to be a good move for your health. But the evidence still suggests that the most effective way to stop smoking is with licenced stop smoking medication and help from a specialist service.

“The decision to stop smoking can be a daunting one, but all the evidence shows there has never been an easier to time to stop. Quitting needn’t be the painful journey it used to be.”

“The support you’ll get from Stoptober and Telford & Wrekin’s award-winning Stop Smoking Service will increase your chances of succeeding. The free advice they give is based around people’s needs – people are more likely to stop smoking when the advice they get is personalised to an individual.”

“I would therefore urge anyone looking to stop smoking to get in contact with our Stop Smoking Service today.”

To access Telford & Wrekin’s Stop Smoking Service, call the Healthy Lifestyles Team on 01952 382582 or email