Statement on inappropriate content on Southwater display totem

The Council has now completed its investigation into one of its digital totem displays showing inappropriate content on its screen earlier this month.

Statement on inappropriate content on Southwater display totem

The investigation has found that the content was displayed on only one of the four totems in the Southwater area. The evidence indicates that due to a glitch in the system’s security settings, a member of the public was able to search for and display the inappropriate content using the totem’s touch screen. We are sorry that our security settings were unable to stop this on this occasion.

The content appears to have been on the screen for only a short period of time as it does not appear to have been seen by any other person in Southwater, though clearly it has been subsequently viewed more widely through social media. As such, the Council is concerned that some websites and social media accounts chose to publish and share such an inappropriate image very publicly without any prior warning, making it potentially easily viewable by children who may be followers of their accounts. 

A thorough review of security settings for the totems is being undertaken to seek to ensure that inappropriate content cannot be accessed in future. The totems will remain inactive for a period of time. It was always intended that upgrades would be made to these around this time linked with the on-going work in Southwater to create a new public square.