Thank you for helping to clean up the borough

A four week campaign to tackle fly-tipping in ten streets in Telford has been a success and it’s thanks to help from residents.

Thank you for helping to clean up the borough

Ten streets identified for the exercise which had the highest reported levels of fly-tipping. 

They were: 

•In Brookside: Bishopdale, Burford and Blakemore.

•In Woodside: Warrensway, Woodrows, Willowfield and Wantage

•In Randlay: Boulton Grange

•In Sutton Hill: Southgate

•In Leegomery: Hurleybrook Way

The purpose of the exercise was to clean up the streets by identifying why there was excess waste and fly-tipping 

Despite having the power to do so, Telford & Wrekin Council’s environmental enforcement officers didn’t need to issue a single Fixed Penalty Notice. 

Only a handful of warning letters were sent to small minority of people who still left black bags of waste which are being treated as fly-tips.

Councillor Richard Overton, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for enforcement, said: “Across the board, all the streets involved in this exercise had improved. 

“There were just a few cases of where there was additional waste lying around the bins, including bags of rubbish, such as that pictured.

“I’m delighted that our officers didn’t need to resort to issuing any fines. This exercise was about talking to people first and enforcement as a last resort . It did highlight to us the importance of explaining our waste and recycling services.

“It’s great to see our residents take that information on board.They were a great help in clearing up these streets.” 

This was the first such exercise conducted by Telford & Wrekin Council since its Cabinet approved plans (on 29 June) to upskill through training approximately 40 current members of staff, giving them new powers to education people on how to recycle and dispose of waste properly, investigate cases of environmental crime and, where necessary, penalise the small majority of offenders who continue to blight the area.

It was part of the Council’s “Pride in Our Community” campaign to create a better borough.