Plans approved to clean up the borough

Telford & Wrekin Council’s environmental enforcement officers are to be given new powers to fine people who blight the borough by littering and fly-tipping.

Plans approved to clean up the borough

Last night, the Council’s Cabinet approved plans to train its staff in educating people on how to dispose of or recycle waste, how to investigate reported cases of environmental crime and, where necessary, penalise the minority of offenders who persist.

It’s part of a new drive by the Council to make the borough a cleaner and safer place to live in, work in and visit.

Cllr Richard Overton, Cabinet Member for Housing & Enforcement said: “In the past, the Council has spent a lot of money on tackling environmental crime, but there continues to be a small minority who still continue to blight our community.

“We will train 40 of our own environmental officers who will go out into the community to educate people on how to recycle or dispose of waste properly and on the services the Council provides such as its bulk collection service and household recycling centres.

“We will also target the specific areas where littering and fly-tipping is identified as a problem and help people living in those areas clear it up.

“But if, despite those efforts, people persist in offending, then our officers will have the powers, alongside Police Community Support Officers, to issue fines.

“The fines, or fixed penalty notices would range from £80 for people caught dropping litter or not clearing up after their dog, to £400 for fly-tipping.

“In the most serious of cases, offenders could end up in court where, if found guilty, the penalties would be much harsher.

“This isn’t about issuing fines or making money. These powers are intended to be a deterrent. We simply want to rid the borough of unsightly dumps of rubbish, litter and dog mess.

“We want everyone to take pride in our community and create a better borough for everyone.”

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