Clock Tower roundabout works

We are carrying out night work at Clock Tower roundabout to avoid severe disruption to the road network.

Clock Tower roundabout works

Unfortunately, this has resulted in a negative impact for local residents due to the noise the work creates. This has understandably been a difficult time for them especially those with young children.

We have therefore put in place several measures to help mitigate the noise including:

• No saw cutting or breaking equipment to be used after 11pm

• Surfacing operations to start and materials to be delivered as early in the evening as possible

• Reversing beacons to be muffled/disconnected where possible

• No vibration rolling with only dead weight rollers used

• No unnecessary shouting or raised voices

In addition we have decided to cancel the work on Saturday night. Even with the above measures in place it is unavoidable that noise is and will continue to be problem for local residents.

Canceling Saturday's work will prolong the overall programme but more importantly it will give local residents some much needed respite over the weekend from the disruption they are currently exposed to.

To accommodate these measures the new programme for the works will be as follows:

Overnight closures to School Road each night between 8pm and 6am (excluding Saturday and Sunday) until Tuesday 21st of March.

Overnight closures to Station Road each night between 8pm and 6am (excluding Saturday and Sunday) from Wednesday 22nd of March until Tuesday 28th of March.