Extra cash for adult social care welcomed but not enough

Telford & Wrekin Council has cautiously welcomed extra cash for adult social care announced in this week’s budget but say it is nowhere near enough.

Extra cash for adult social care welcomed but not enough

However the additional money will do little to offset the huge cuts that have come before it and those that will still need to be made before 2020.

The announcement of these one-off payments over the next three years is not enough to save adult social services from the effect of the cuts to the budget.

Since 2010, the Council has already saved £96 million from our budget and must find a further £25–30 million by 2020.  

Telford & Wrekin Council is set to receive an additional £3.5 million for 2017/18, £2.2 million the following year and £1.1 million for 2019/20.

Councillor Lee Carter, cabinet member for Council Finance, said: “The announcement in the budget of extra money for adult social care is welcome but in the context of huge cuts, it is not enough to make a real difference.

“The Council has done well to control its budget despite having to make cuts of £96 million since 2010 and to put itself in a position where it is well placed for the very difficult financial challenges still to come.

“This is largely thanks to the Council’s strong financial management and the success of our drive to become a more commercial council, which is already making a very important contribution.”

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