Haygate Road development statement

Following the judgement being handed by the High Court in London - which found against the Council - we have issued this statement.

Haygate Road development statement
"Of course we respect the decision of the High Court but we are very disappointed with this outcome.

"Telford is the fastest growing town in the West Midlands and we continue to more than pull our weight in building houses to address the national housing crisis.

"However, there are some places where we believe that development is not appropriate and this was one of those sites.

"We will need to consider the judgement in details but we are worried that the Government is putting national targets ahead of local choice and we call on our local MPs to make sure that the borough’s  “development in the right place” stance is heard and respected in Westminster.

"We are satisfied that we tried hard to get this decision overturned on behalf of our residents. The judge commented on “excellent” submissions that were made on behalf of the council."