Leader reacts to comments by Owen Paterson MP

Telford & Wrekin Council on a cross party basis (Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems and Independents) supported a motion that would allow the Council to use Judicial Review if required.

Leader reacts to comments by Owen Paterson MP

We have very serious concerns about the Future Fit process and have highlighted many flaws which we want addressing. If that does not happen, then we will consider options and if necessary mount a challenge through the courts. 

The same motion called on more funding for the health services in Shropshire, something that is urgently required.

I am deeply concerned that Owen Paterson and Conservative MPs not only want to close down the £28m Women and Children's Unit which only opened two years ago.

He also wants to remove our 24 hour a day 7 day a week A&E and because he does not like what councillors are doing in Telford and Wrekin, he also wants to take away the Council from residents of Telford and Wrekin.  Such a move would see Telford and Wrekin paying more in Council Tax, car park charges across the Borough. 

As elected representatives in Telford and Wrekin, we represent our residents and the best interests of the borough. They want to retain both their accident and emergency services and their council. There is no appetite among Telford and Wrekin residents to be governed from Shrewsbury and even the leader of Shropshire Council has publicly acknowledged that. 

Telford and Wrekin has a very different economy, population with very different needs and challenges and most importantly very different opportunities compared with Shropshire, opportunities that we are now preparing to start to reap that will benefit the borough, its residents and this council. 

These very stark differences between the two councils only underline the many reasons why any idea of merger is, as long as we are here, simply not going to happen.

Telford and Wrekin is a success story and there is no tangible benefit to us being joined to any other council.

I hope Lucy Allan and Mark Pritchard will come out publicly to distance themselves from these comments.

Shaun has also done a short video on this