Council and police: hate crime unacceptable

Following the EU Referendum, there have been reports across the country of a rise in racist and hate crimes against minority communities.

Council and police: hate crime unacceptable
Telford & Wrekin’s Mayor Councillor Rae Evans has vowed that the borough’s tradition as a place that is tolerant, fair-minded and welcoming will continue.

“Telford has a diverse and dynamic population and as a new and growing borough, we attract people from across the UK and the world,” said Councillor Evans.

“Indeed, many businesses here are international firms who have chosen to come toTelford and who employ thousands of local people. 

“We are proud of this diversity and the Council works very closely with many partners to bring our different communities together.

”I understand the fears of some communities that there could be an increase in racist or hate crime following recent events.

“I - together with all poltical group leaders on this Council - want to make it very clear that any hate crime is unacceptable and that we will work with our partners to identify, tackle and prosecute such behaviour. 

“I urge all our communities to come together and say loud and clear that racism and hate crime have no place in Telford and Wrekin.”

Telford Chief Inspector Sarah Chaloner said: “Being victim to a racially aggravated offence can be a traumatic and terrifying experience.

“While we have not seen an increase in the number of offences reported to us since the EU referendum,  all reports of a racially aggravated nature will not be tolerated and offenders will be dealt with appropriately.

“The nature of these crimes often means victims do not feel comfortable in coming forward to police and we urge anyone who has been a victim to make a report.”