Council thanks community as dog fouling crackdown hailed a success

Telford & Wrekin Council has hailed a pilot crackdown scheme on dog fouling in Newport as a success – and thanked the community for volunteering their time and support to help tackle the problem.

Council thanks community as dog fouling crackdown hailed a success

The Council is now carrying out a thorough cleanse of the main fouling blackspot areas as it further steps up patrols to encourage responsible disposal of dog waste.

Three other areas in the borough are considering using similar tactics to try and reduce instances of fouling in their local area.

The awareness raising trial in Newport focused on a combination of education and engagement and received a very positive response from local people who welcomed the action being taken to tackle the problem.

As well as putting up Keep Britain Tidy’s glow in the dark signs which read “Thoughtless Dog Owners – We’re Watching You”, volunteers have been spraying individual instances of dog fouling to highlight the scale of the problem.

Volunteers led by ward member Councillor Peter Scott sprayed 275 dog poos during the Newport trial. The most problematic streets were Wrekin Avenue and Brookside Avenue.

Councillor Scott said: “Everyone I spoke to shared my view that dog fouling is both unpleasant and dangerous and there is simply no excuse for people to not put their dog’s waste in a poop bag.

“We are definitely seeing less fresh waste around Newport since we started the campaign but we need to keep up the good work if we are to keep our streets clean of mess.

“There are more than 12,000 people in Newport so someone must know who the irresponsible dog owners are. All they need to do is download the mobile app and report with information to let us know what they see and when. Alternatively they can email”

Volunteer Ros Bennett said: “I wanted to help as I was utterly appalled at the amount of dog poo on St Andrew’s Way in Church Aston. We were constantly picking up waste from other people’s dogs. 

“I have highlighted instances of poo with yellow spray paint to show just how widespread the problem was.”

Councillor Angela McClements, cabinet member for Communities, said: “Following the successful pilot, we will be undertaking a thorough cleanse of the areas in question – removing all of the highlighted dog poo and washing away all the remaining paint and generally cleaning up.

“We will continue to work with volunteers and the ward member to encourage local residents to report incidents when they spot them. It is possible for patrols to be arranged to cover the times when they will be of most use as most dog owners follow a routine when they walk their dogs.

“Going forward we are talking to three other areas in the borough that have watched the Newport pilot with interest and are considering a similar scheme.”

People can dispose of their dog’s mess in any bins and free bags are available from all of the Council’s First Point contact centres. In Newport, free bags are available from the Guildhall, Library and the swimming pool. A fu of outlets can be found at

Anyone who fails to pick up after their dog can be issued with a fine of £50 or up to £1,000 if prosecuted in the magistrates’ court.