Waterloo Street: Council aims to finish works early

Telford & Wrekin Council is committed to completing planned works in Ironbridge as quickly as possible to minimise disruption and the effect on residents, visitors and local businesses.

Waterloo Street: Council aims to finish works early

The closure of Waterloo Street is scheduled for three weeks from Monday 23 November but the Council is working closely with the contractor to get the road open by Friday 4 December.

The Council is investing heavily in its highway infrastructure and this puts an extra demand on a rolling programme of improvement works in and around Ironbridge.

Councillor Angela McClements, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Transport, said: “We completely understand the concerns of traders about this closure in the build up to Christmas and as a general rule, we have an embargo on street repairs in town centres during the festive period.

“In Ironbridge, the tourist season lasts for 12 months of the year so there is never a good time to do this sort of work. However, it is important to see this work in the wider context of what else we have planned for Ironbridge.

“We intend to improve footpaths along The Wharfage and that work will take place either side of Easter, which is early in 2016. It can’t happen any sooner  because we have to go through a tendering process and hold a public information event

“If we did Waterloo Street after Christmas, it would create a significant backlog between Christmas and Easter.

“In an effort to minimise disruption to businesses we have avoided works in the peak tourist season for the World Heritage Site during the summer months. That leaves us with little choice but to do Waterloo Street now.

“We are committed to working as quickly as we can and aim to get the closure and diversion lifted earlier than the anticipated timeframe. 

“However this does depend on both the weather and not encountering anything unforeseen, as can happen with works that take place in the Gorge.”

Ironbridge ward member Councillor Nicola Lowery said: “I understand the challenges that the council faces and why the work on Waterloo Street has to be done now. I have asked that every effort is made to ensure the disruption is kept to a minimum and the work completed in less time than the scheduled three weeks. 

“I am also pleased to say that officers are to work closely with myself and the Parish Council to ensure positive communication with local residents and business will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. 

“It is important we can all understand the short term impact of these works will have but must appreciate the long term benefits for our local community and economy.”

Residents who have questions or require further information should contact the council’s Highways team on 01952 384000 or email