New technology for Hollinswood Interchange

Key traffic signals in Telford are being updated to help Keep Telford Moving and maintain safety for motorists and pedestrians.

New technology for Hollinswood Interchange

Telford & Wrekin Council is investing in new technology at Lawley, Hollinswood Interchange, Ketley Brook Interchange and Trench Lock Interchange to increase the capacity of these busy junctions.

The work to introduce this new technology in Lawley is now complete and operating.

The second phase of this work has involved implementing the MOVA system at Hollinswood Interchange which is adaptive and will respond automatically to fluctuations in traffic flow through the use of detectors embedded in the road.

The system constantly monitors the volume of traffic passing through the junction from all directions and automatically adjusts the timing of the lights to minimise delays for everyone using the interchange.

The system is now operational and will be monitored and optimised over the coming weeks to deliver the most efficient use for motorists.

Alongside this, we are also putting in the same system at Trench Lock Interchange. In order to reduce disruption while undertaking this work in early November the opportunity is also being taken to upgrade the equipment on site to allow us to reduce the energy consumption of the signal equipment which will deliver environmental and cost savings.

This project will then continue across the borough to deliver environmental and costs savings through reduced power consumption at our traffic signal sites into 2016.

Councillor Angela McClements, Cabinet Member for Communities, Regeneration and Transport, said: “Our busiest interchanges use traffic signals to manage the flow of traffic and provide safe crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists.

“This additional new technology will help these junctions operate effectively and safely for all road users”.

“I am conscious that some members of the public have requested the removal of traffic signals or for them to be switched off at night.

“However, it is important to understand that this could have a significant impact upon road safety not only for car users but for pedestrians & cyclists and therefore this decision cannot be taken lightly.

“I have therefore called for a cross-party scrutiny group at the Council to look into all aspects of traffic signal control in order that all the issues can be properly considered and addressed before any decision is made.

“I hope this demonstrates that we are listening to all our residents, whether they travel by car, bus, cycle or on foot.”