Parking Enforcement in Borough Towns

Telford & Wrekin Council have been meeting with local town councils and West Mercia Police to discuss how best to address parking enforcement in the borough.

Parking Enforcement in Borough Towns

Concerns had been expressed by town councils about the enforcement of parking restrictions following the withdrawal of the traffic wardens for the Telford area by West Mercia Police in late 2009.

The issue has been identified as an important priority for several borough towns and we are committed to working with the town councils together with the Police to find practical ways of addressing the concerns in the short and long term.

Working in partnership with our local councils we will be looking at how we can address the concerns regarding the removal of the traffic wardens and ensure that parking is available for people who work and shop in our towns, and that parking restrictions are appropriately observed by drivers.

As part of the joint work we will also be looking at off - street parking in our borough towns working with the town councils to plan for providing the right balance between short stay parking for shoppers and visitors and long stay parking for commuters and businesses; as well as improving signing to car parks to make sure people can find available car parks.

The local police have committed to continue to provide enforcement for on- street parking offences and have committed to work with the Council and town councils in looking at longer term options for managing parking in our borough towns.

At their meeting last night, Wellington Town Council learned of the valuable progress being made in discussing this important matter with the Borough Council. They are confident the issues of parking enforcement and parking provision are being taken very seriously and they are looking forward to seeing significant changes take place in Wellington. These will all improve the environment of the town. They will also enhance the positive effects of the other welcome improvements taking place there over the coming months.