Man in court for littering

A Telford man who ripped up a warning notice and threw it onto the pavement was in court today after refusing to pay a fixed penalty.

Man in court for littering

Mehmet Karatas, of Houlston Close, St Georges, received a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £75 when the case was heard by Telford Magistrates Thursday 6 October.

The court heard that a Community Support Officer (CSO) was on patrol in the Dothill area of Telford on 17 April.

He saw a vehicle illegally parked near a school. He issued a warning notice for the illegal parking which he fixed under the vehicle's windscreen wiper. Mr Karatas returned, removed the notice, and was seen to rip it up and throw it onto the pavement.

Mr Karatas was then issued with a fixed penalty notice for littering.

Mr Karatas did not pay the fixed penalty and chose to have the matter dealt with by the court. The case was brought before Telford Magistrates.

The Council spends approximately £2 million per year on street cleaning to help keep the borough clean.