Final Full Council meeting

Telford & Wrekin Council will host its final full council meeting in its Civic Office this Thursday.

Final Full Council meeting

The meeting will be the full council's last before the Council moves from the offices in mid December and the site is sold to ASDA for redevelopment at the end of January.

From 2013 council meetings for the remainder of the Civic year, will be held at the Place or at TCATs Refectory Hall. The Council is also considering other locations across the borough for future public meetings.

Civic Offices in Telford Town Centre have been the Council's main base since the mid 1970s and from 17 December, the Council will complete its move to a number of key buildings including refurbished offices at Addenbrooke House on Ironmasters Way on the other side of Telford Town Centre, which will house the Council's First Point customer centre.

The closure of Civic Offices is the latest and penultimate stage of the Council's drive to reduce the office space that it uses.

By mid December the Council will in a year have reduced the space it uses by around a third, helping it make significant savings in running costs and saving around £1.5 million a year gross ongoing.

Council Leader Kuldip Sahota said: "for those of us who have been connected with this council for many years, this last full council meeting will be a bittersweet moment where we say goodbye to the building and nearly 40 years of local government history.

Our move from Civic Offices is the right one for many reasons and we look forward to taking the Council's public meetings out into other locations in the New Year. I hope will help to make the Council even more accessible and open to the people of the borough.

It's also a great opportunity for the Council to showcase some of the fantastic facilities that we have in the borough and we'll be seeking people's views on what they think of the new locations for Council meetings."

The locations of council meetings will be published on and more information about the council's move from Civic Offices can be found at