Madeley Voters to Take to the Polls in Local Referendum

Madeley residents are set to mark a first in Telford and Wrekin when early next year they can vote in their own referendum, organised by Telford & Wrekin Council, on long term plans for their area.

Madeley Voters to Take to the Polls in Local Referendum

800 registered voters in Madeley Town Council’s area, will be eligible to vote in the referendum on whether to ‘make’ the plan, which is expected to be held in January 2015.

The Madeley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been developed by Madeley Town Council to help deliver the local community’s aspirations and meet their needs until 2031.

It sets out key objectives and local planning policies which would help to determine planning applications in the Madeley area.

In February 2011 Telford & Wrekin Council and Madeley Town Council successfully bid for Madeley to become a Frontrunner for the Government’s new neighbourhood planning.

A further four parish and town council areas in the borough are developing neighbourhood plans, with Madeley the first to take its plan to the local referendum stage.

The Madeley plan has involved extensive consultation with local residents . The referendum in January will provide an opportunity for the whole Madeley parish to vote on the plan.

If more than 50% of those voting are in favour of the Madeley NDP it will go forward to be ‘made’ by Telford & Wrekin Council after which it becomes a material considering in determining planning applications in the parish.

Councillor Charles Smith, cabinet member for Housing, Development and Borough Towns, said: “Madeley Town Council is the first in the borough to progress to this stage, working closely with the community to produce a plan which reflects local views on future development in the parish.

“The next referendum stage in the process will give local people a final opportunity to express their opinion on a plan which can have a real impact on the development of their area for more than a decade ahead.”

The plan, map and other documents can be downloaded on the Madeley NDP webpage.