Hornets’ new-look car park thanks to Community Pride Fund

One Telford’s biggest sports clubs is now offering a much warmer welcome after a makeover thanks to the Council’s Community Pride Fund.

Hornets’ new-look car park thanks to Community Pride Fund

Telford Hornets Rugby Club, based on Hinkshay Road in Telford Town Park, has had its uneven and pothole strewn car park completely resurfaced after a £55,000 grant from the fund. The changes will be key to make a good first impression for visitors to the club.

The club, which has around 500 members and 4 senior and 10 junior teams, secured funding from the Council’s £1.26 million Community Pride Fund.

Judith Phelps/Neil Thomas, club director, said: “The first impression people were getting of the club was a very poor one because of the potholed pitted car park.

“It looked more like a battlefield than a car park and however much we tried to repair it, it made little difference.

“Now thanks with the £55,000 Pride Fund grant, we have been able to completely resurface the car park and make sure we give the right and safer welcome to people visiting the club.”

The club says it will also boost parking spaces and help with a major event it is hosting this summer and the expected boost in members following this autumn’s 2015 Rugby World cup, which is hosted in England.

It will also help disabled users to access the club and will encourage other groups to use the facilities the club has such as Telford and District Rounders, Wrekin Runners and schools.

The Community Pride is £1.26 million pot that the Council made available for community groups, charities and business to bid for. The scheme is supporting 37 projects across the borough with grants from between £100,000 to £2,800. It forms part of the Council’s Pride in Your Community programme.

Cllr Shaun Davies, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, Employment and Skills added; “The Hornets attract people from right across the borough and this grant will no doubt help to increase their appeal.

“It’ll also have other benefits to the wider community allowing this be used as an overspill park for major events in the town park as well greater use of the area by a range of other groups such adults with learning disabilities who use this to cycle in and around the Town Park.”

”It’s another great example of the Community Pride Fund making a real difference across Telford and Wrekin.”

Following the success of last year’s Community pride Fund scheme, which was significantly oversubscribed, the Council has made funding available to run it again in 2017.