Changes to residential care provision

Telford & Wrekin Council has announced changes to its residential care provision for adults with learning disabilities. Currently the council has two residential homes - Downing House and Carwood.

Changes to residential care provision
Both clients and commissioners of care packages are moving away from residential care in favour of independent living or a Shared Lives placement – a fostering type arrangement for such clients.  

While there is still a need for some residential care, overall admissions are falling.  In the last year, only one new client has moved into Downing House and none into Carwood. The two homes will soon have eight full time beds vacant.

As a result, there is only enough demand for one residential home, so the council proposes to concentrate its residential services at Downing House. 

Clients currently living at Carwood who need to remain in residential care will be able to move to live at Downing House. Some clients have already said they would prefer to live independently in the community.  

Many of the staff currently working at Carwood will be able to transfer to work at Downing House to support and care for the clients who are also moving.  The council aims to make these changes by the end of January 2016.

Councillor Arnold England, Telford &Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for Adult Social Care, said:: “I know this may be a difficult time for our clients who are impacted by these changes and we are committed to work with them, their families, carers and our staff.

“Unfortunately we can’t afford to keep two residential homes open and operating with such a high vacancy rate and falling demand.  

“With more Government cuts to council funding on the horizon we have to ensure we run services as efficiently as we can and that means having to take some difficult decisions.”